If you haven’t heard, the BIG Back to School Sale on TpT is August 3-4.  My store will be 20% off and with the promo code BTS15 you can get an additional 8% off!  

 Get your wish lists ready for some great shopping this week!

In celebration for the big sale, I am teaming up with a fabulous group of music teachers from Teachers Pay Teachers for a Linky Party!  Let’s “Wish & Dish” a little about some great products!

 #1 My Own Product

My students LOVE playing ukulele, but there weren’t any great products out there for young students!  Last year, I collected tunes my students loved singing in music class. It was really important to me that my students have a great collection of folk tunes to perform on ukuleles.  Sing & Strum: Ukulele for the Elementary Music Classroom contains five different parts that include strumming patterns, 1-chord, 2-chord and 3-chord songs, Interactive White Board Charts, color coded song sheets and student books.  Over 1000+ pages to fit the way YOU teach ukulele!

I am really proud of this product and can’t wait to use it with my own students this year!

#2 A Product by Another Music Seller
Another product I’m excited to try this year is by Mrs. Stouffer’s Music Room!  She has a fabulous set of posters with the National Music Standards AND I Can statements!  I Can statements always feel like they should be easy to create, but putting musical concepts and skills in child-friendly language can be challenging.  I’m excited that someone has done the work for me!

#3 Fabulous Clipart!
Lastly, I am going to make a confession.  I may or may not have clip art addiction. I started tracking how much I spend on clipart this year and it may rival my Starbucks addiction.  Seriously.  There is a new clip art designer who is making some beautiful, realistic clip art for the music classroom.  Pitch Clips recently made a set of Tubanos that look exactly like the ones my students play in our music classroom.  She’s since added Djembes and Gathering Drums.  I can’t wait to see what she creates next!  

Ok, music friends – one more thing!  Did you know you can receive TpT Credit (that’s free money!) to use towards your purchases?  All you have to do is post feedback on the items you have already purchased!  To do this, log in to TpT and click on My TpT, then My Purchases. You can sort your purchases using a drop down menu.  Every item you give feedback to earns you TpT credit!
So…what’s on your wish list?