Sing & Strum Ukulele

Are you beginning a ukulele program at your school?

Are you looking for a resource that will work alongside the traditional folk songs you use in your music classroom?

Sing & Strum was created to teach ukulele to young children using the songs they know and love from music class. With over 50 folk songs to choose from, this is a must have resource for any music educator. Organized into 5 parts, each section builds skills essential for success on the instrument.

Section 1 – Ukulele basics, introduction to chords, strumming patterns
Section 2 – One chord songs (simple folk songs presented in the key of C, F, and G) to allow for isolated practice of each chord.
Section 3 – Two chord songs presented in the key of C (songs presented as F-C7, or C-G7 to allow teachers to present chords the way they feel most comfortable)
Section 4 – Three chord songs presented in the key of C
Section 5 – Multi-chord songs introducing Em, E7, A, Am, D, Dm

Included in this resource:

  • Ukulele basics
  • Ukulele chords
  • Strumming patterns
  • Interactive White board charts
  • Student song books
  • Chords presented with color-coded words or notation
  • Color or printer friendly options