The Differentiated Recorder

Like most music teachers, I enjoy helping my students learn to play their first instrument – the recorder! What frustrated me was that no one resource seemed to work for every child in my classroom. My high kids seemed to fly through the book in days, often needing additional songs and support. My low kids seemed to get lost in the shuffle, struggling with the most basic of skills.

The Differentiated Recorder was developed to meet the needs of every child in my classroom! It can be used to create your own recorder book OR as a supplemental material for your favorite recorder book!

What makes The Differentiated Recorder stand out is at every level of playing, every child can interact, help, and be challenged while working with their classmates. From alternative songs, harmony parts, composition sheets, to notation and fingering flashcards – there is something for everyone!

Included in The Differentiated Recorder:

  • Practice tips for students
  • Fingering charts
  • Fingering chart worksheets
  • Songs using BAG
  • Songs using BAGE (Part 1)
  • Songs using BAGED (Part 1)
  • Songs using BAGED, high C & D (Part 2)
  • Songs using BAGED, high C & D, F# (Part 2)
  • Songs using BAGED, high C & D, F#, Bb and low C (Part 2)
  • Harmony parts to songs each song
  • Recorder Rubrics for teachers
  • Recorder ”I Can” statements for classroom use
  • How to read Time Signatures instructional page (Part 2)
  • How to read Key Signatures instructional page (Part 2)
  • Interactive White Board (IWB) charts of each song
  • Composition worksheets in a variety of time signatures, measures, and employing a variety of skills