Friday was the last day of school.  I awoke Saturday feeling like it was a normal weekend.  Sunday, I realized that I didn’t have to spend the afternoon writing lesson plans.  I woke up Monday morning and didn’t have to rush out of the door.  By Tuesday morning, I could feel my entire body relaxing into the idea of summer.

With that said, I have some goals for myself this summer.  Summer is the perfect time to reflect and make some small changes that hopefully will become habits over time.  When my friend, Jennifer, from the Yellow Brick Road blogged about her Small Goals, I knew I wanted to share mine too.
1.  Eat cleaner
I am an eat-on-the-go-caffeine-junky.  I admit it.  I grab breakfast on the go.  I grab lunch on the go.  And although I enjoy cooking, by the time I get home, run my son to soccer or swimming, or the late-night meeting, home-cooked meals are the last thing on my mind.  So Saturday, I gave up Diet Coke.  Sunday, I cleaned out the pantry and filled the refrigerator with lots of fruits and vegetables.  I’m not going to lie, I miss the Diet Coke, but ice water is quenching my thirst.  As for the eating,  we’re enjoying homemade guacamole, fresh honeydew and picked our own strawberries this morning.  I’ve got this!
2.  Read more
I used to be a voracious reader, then I became a momma.  Now I read children’s books.  Lots and lots of children’s books.  I really miss reading for pleasure.  I miss the smell of a book, getting lost in a story and reading for hours on end.  So during our weekly visits to the library, I am going to check out a book (or three) for me.  Have any great book suggestions for me?
3.  Connect more
The busier I get, the more disconnected I get.  I don’t spend time with God.  My prayer life becomes emaciated and I miss the peace that comes with simply being with Him.  My last small goal is really my biggest.  And it’s simply spending time with God in prayer.  I want to listen to His voice and know His will for my life.  Such a simple thing and yet so challenging when life gets in the way.
What are your small goals for this summer?