I am linking up with my friend Jennifer Hibbard to talk about Small Goals.  But first, let’s recap my June goals.     

1.  Eat cleaner 
I am going to give myself a 6 on this one.  The biggest goal was to give up Diet Coke, and I did that for a few weeks.  Then after a very stressful day, I bought one and it wasn’t the last one.  To my credit, I have greatly reduced how much soda I drink and I have greatly increased the amount of water I drink.  I am going to keep on it though.  I will not give up!

2.  Read more
This one is a complete and utter fail.  1.  It’s not that I don’t want to read.  It’s simply that I don’t have enough hours in my day.  I am a single momma.  There is never a moment alone in my life.  If I get my son to bed, I work on my TpT store.  To my credit, I did purchase a couple of books and they are sitting on my bedside table.  I will read them before summer is out.  I promise.

3.  Connect more
So I’m conflicted with this one.  Let’s say 5.  There are times when I feel so close and so connected to God.  I feel like I know what He wants for me and that I am living His will.  And then there are seasons when I feel disconnected. It’s me, not Him.  We go to church and I pray but I want to study His word more.  Time.  I need to carve out more time.

That was brutal.  And honest.  I wish I was accomplishing my goals with flying colors, but that’s the challenge of being a parent.  My time is never my own.  So I practice grace and try to do better each and every day.  Onward and upward!

So what are my Small Goals for July?

1.  Move more
I have a four-year old son.  He never stops moving.  Ever.  In fact, sometimes I am taken aback at his need for physical play.  It is a constant-pushing-pulling-wringing-jumping-lunging-leaping need wired into his very being.  I need to find a way to meet it (I’ll never match it).  I used to be very active (B.C. before child).  I used to work out 6 days a week, bike and/or walk 5 miles a day, kayak, kick-boxed, swam – you name it.  But that went away when I became a momma. I want some of it back.  For me and for him.  

2.  Sleep better
Remember that ever-moving four-year old son from goal one?  Yeah, he sleeps in my bed every night.  Every.  Night.  It started a while ago.  My son suffers from illness-induced asthma.  Every cold means breathing treatments through the night and it was easier to give those breathing treatments if he was in bed with me.  One night turned into two and months later, he is still sleeping with me.  Remember when I said he never stops moving?  Yep, he’s a helicopter.  I am woken up 3-4 times a night by him.  I want him to sleep in his own bed.  Now.  And forever.  Goal 2?  To get my child to sleep in his own bed.

3.  Continue working on my June goals
My June goals were worthy ones and I refuse to give up on them.  I’m choosing to continue to work on them because I know I can do better.  Say a prayer for me…

What are your small goals for yourself?  Check back in August to see how I did!