It’s May 10th and school is almost out!  Our budgets and patience may both be both spent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t end the year on a great note!  Here is where Teachers Pay Teachers can really help!  A group of us are doing a “linky” party to share our Five Favorite Music Freebies on TpT! (the emphasis being on free!)

My first favorite music freebie is a new discovery!  I cannot get enough of them!  David Row’s Favorite Folk Song Series is amazing!  He offers so much information about the folk songs we all know, love and teach.  And his Alabama Gal resource is FREE for you!  Check it out!

I’m kind of crushing on Pitch Publications right now.  Everything she creates is AMAZING!  I am a huge techie girl!  I learned about Aurasma a few years ago but it’s the not most user friendly tool.  Her guide takes you step by step through Aurasma.  We used it during our Recorder Karate unit this year and the kids LOVED scanning images around the room to get help with their recorder lessons.

Every so often a new educational term or trend comes along and I immediately wonder – how will I make this applicable in music?  “Ticket out the door” and “Learning Target Exit” are just a few those terms.  I came across Linda Seamon’s Learning Target Exit Question Card and I love it!  It’s not just about knowing a vocabulary word or definition.  The kids have to apply the definition musically! This speaks to me in a powerful way!  I love it!

Oh, the ukulele.  How do I love thee?  We were gifted 20 ukuleles this year, then added another 10 this spring.  My students love strumming along to their favorite songs.  Problem is, their favorite songs have 3-5 chords in them, so where do you begin?  You begin with Malinda Phillips’ Beginning Ukulele Song: Freebie!  It’s the perfect resource to get your little ones strumming and singing!

And lastly, I am going to share with you one of my freebies!  One of my favorite things to do in my room is music centers!  Before you ga-faw at giving up that much time (or freedom) to your students – know that this is the most powerful day in my music room.  It’s the day that I give up control and let my students teach themselves with no interference from me.  In fact, I sit at my desk and observe in utter amazement at what my students do.  Some go from center to center trying each thing.  Some stay at one center and rehearse a concept or skills we’ve been working on in class.  Some pretend they are the music teacher and teach little classes of friends.  I see things in students I would never get the opportunity to see, if not for this day.  Music centers will change how you see you students forever!
I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my Favorite Music Freebies!  Make sure to check Noteworthy by Jen’s website for other music educators Five Favorite Music Freebie picks!