It’s week two of the TPT Summer Challenge!  This week’s theme is “Dare to Dream!”  Dreaming is my specialty!  Nothing about my life is conventional.  Growing up, I always thought I would marry and have kids.  Boy, was I wrong!  I spent much of my thirties with someone I thought I would marry.  When things didn’t work out, I was alone with hopes of marriage and children dashed.  But where God guides, He provides.  At 38, I began praying and pursuing adoption as a single-parent.  Within in two months, I was matched with a beautiful baby boy.  Shortly after, I began praying and pursuing buying a home for us.  Within two months, I had the house of my dreams in the neighborhood of my dreams and at the price of my dreams.  Where God guides, He provides.

So four years later – what are my dreams and hopes for me and my son?  How will TPT help make that come to fruition?

 1)  I’m always dreaming, hoping and praying for a loving, Christian man to come into our lives.  I think in many ways, God has been revealing to me the kind of man He desires for me through my son.  TPT isn’t going to make that dream come to fruition, but it is my number one dream and prayer. I believe that even at 43, God can provide me with a husband who will be a loving father to my son.

2)  In 2004, I purchased my first (and only) new car.  It was a beautiful white Jeep Liberty.  I have driven many a mile in that car – over 207K to be exact.  I need one more year from it (one more year of daycare & preschool), then I can look to purchase a “newish” car.  My dream is to buy a white Ford Escape.  Certainly, my earnings on TPT will help to offset the down payment and monthly payments!

3)  I long to take my son on a family vacation to Disney World.  I want to go while he’s still young and it’s still magical.  My personal goal is to take him for his 5th birthday (this May) but it will take a lot of saving (and selling) to make it happen.  It’s a dream…

4)  Lastly, and most importantly, my dream is to save.  An adoption and a home has taken its toll on my savings and I’d like to be able to put some money back into my account.  A simple dream, but a big one to be sure!

It’s your turn!  What do you dare to dream about for your own life?