I am old… Old enough to remember watching Back to the Future in a movie theater as a child!

A group of amazing friends and I were chatting and realized we ALL had a mutual love for all things Back to the Future!  Did you know that Marty did his travels on October 21, 2015?  Where are the flying cars and hoverboards?   We had such a laugh talking about the differences in the BTF world and ours that we decided to come together to offer you an amazing giveaway!  Since tomorrow is October 21, 2015 – we have marked one item to $1.21 (for 1.21 gigawatts) and we are giving away 3 gift cards to TpT!  

First, start HERE and grab the letter at the  the letter at the top of my page – you will want to write this letter down!.  Click on each letter to go to the next store and along the way, follow us, and check out the amazing things everyone has to offer!  Once you have the code, come back here and enter our secret message!  

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Good luck and thanks for all the support you give!
If you’re looking for a great activity to try with your own students, please check out my “1, 2, 3, 4” chant.  It’s the perfect activity to get your students feeling steady beat, understanding the difference between beat and rhythm, reading simple rhythms and creating rhythm patterns.  
First, we learn the chant.  As we learn it, we work on keeping a steady beat (or macro/micro beat) on our bodies.  As we become more familiar with the chant, we work on clapping and identifying the rhythms within the chant.  We also learn the difference between a steady beat and a rhythm!
As we continue to deepen our understanding of rhythm, we learn that there is rhythm in everything we say and do!  And there is rhythm in our favorite Halloween treats too!  We play with mixing those different treats into rhythm patterns.  We clap and say the rhythms, then we translate (generalize) those rhythms to solfege!  As become more proficient in translating our “treat” rhythms, we then work in small groups to create our own!
This is such a simple chant, but chock full of rich content!  You could work on simple steady beat in one grade level and creating and writing rhythm patterns in another grade level.  And here’s the best part… It’s $1.21 TODAY ONLY!!!!
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