I am teaming up again with Jennifer Hibbard from the Yellow Brick Road to discuss my August small goals!
Before we start, let’s recap about my July goals.
1.  Move More
2.  Sleep Better
3.  Continue working on my June goals

Yeah, about those goals.  The thing is I really didn’t do any of it.  I worked like a crazed-woman on my TeachersPayTeachers store and taught an Early Childhood Music Level course for two weeks (out-of-state).  During those two weeks we lived in a dorm (and slept on a dorm bed).  Yep.  None of those goals were seen to fruition.
So let’s talk August Small Goals.

I’m realizing that my life can pretty much be summed up in one verse of the Bible: Romans 7:15.  
“I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”
So have I given up Diet Coke?  Not completely.
Have I eaten better?  Somewhat.
Have I read more? One book.
Have I connected more?  I’m trying.
Have I slept better?  Nope.
Have I moved more?  I would need to disconnect from this computer to do so.
Here’s my reality: I am a single momma with very little support.  There’s never a moment when I am not momma. There are no weekends off.  There are no trips to the gym while a husband takes care of my son.  There is no extra income to help me pay student loans, mortgages, preschool tuition or daycare.  And so I work and I do the best I can.  I’m not perfect and I am not going to pretend otherwise.  
With all of that said, I have one goal for August:

1.  Practice grace with myself.
If I don’t hit a goal perfectly, it’s ok.  If I don’t quit Diet Coke completely – I’m still drinking less than before.  One healthier meal is better than where I was at the end of last school year.  One book is better than none.  One more conversation with God brings me closer to Him.  I’m trying.  I’m not perfect.  I’m going to hit bumps in the road.  My goal this month is simply to do the best I can in my life to be a healthy momma, daughter, sister and teacher.  And practice grace with myself along the journey.