Are you like me?  Well intentioned?  Big dreams?  Lots of ideas?

Last summer I paired up with Jennifer at the Yellow Brick Road to blog about my monthly goals.  I did great all summer long!  June, July, August and then school happened.  Parenting happened.  Life happened.  Have I really not written a monthly goal post this entire year? (The answer, sadly, is yes.)

So the last time I wrote a monthly goal post, I one simple goal:
1.  Practice grace with myself
Hey!  I think I accomplished something!  Because if this year has taught me anything, it’s to be kind to myself.  I am not going to get everything done.  I am not going have the perfect house.  (Or the cleanest.)  I am not going to have perfect lesson plans.  I am not going to have the perfect life.  But what I do have is an amazing house, an amazing job, and an amazing life.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But with that said, there are some things I need to work on…
1. I need to move.  

Once upon a time (aka, before children) I used to work out 6 days a week and walk on average of 100 miles a month.  Being a single parent, I’ve gave up daily visits to the gym, but I feel like my health has suffered.  I don’t feel healthy and strong anymore.  I need to take better care of myself so I can accomplish goal #2!
2.  I need to spend more quality time with my son.  
My little one will be 5 in a month.  He’s registered for Kindergarten for next year.  He starts Tee-Ball next week.  He’s growing up and I want him to STOP!  I used to rock him to sleep every night and now he goes to sleep on his own.  I just want to have more time with him and savor every second with him.

3.  I need to garden.  
Connecting with the earth is important to me.  Gardening is my meditation.  I love planting perennials and annuals, finding the perfect spot for the perfect plant.  I have a huge flower garden in the backyard (thank you, previous owners) as well as an area for a vegetable garden.  I can’t wait to begin getting plants in the ground and watching them grow!
So what are your personal goals for April?